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This page contains links to the most recent versions of SEDCAD4 for Windows as well as the most recent Sentinel Hardware Lock Drivers.  You must have already purchased and installed the software and lock(s) from the shipped CD in order for these updates to function.

Most users will only need to download the SEDCAD software, but if your new installation does not recognize the Hardware Lock, then you will also need to download and install the Sentinel Installer.  A reboot will likely be necessary after installing the new driver.

The files are in ZIP format.  After downloading, you will need to locate the file and run/extract it.  You can overwrite the original "sedcad4.exe" file on your hard drive, or you can choose to extract it to another location on the hard drive.  This allows multiple versions of the software to run on the same machine.  Be sure to check the Build Number (found on the Help>>About SEDCAD4 screen) to verify that you are running the desired build.

  • The current SEDCAD4 Build Number is 2010.12.16.

Email Notification:  If you would like to be notified by email of updates to this page, please click here to send an email request.  Please include your name, email address, and SEDCAD serial number.  We respect your privacy and will not sell or distribute your information, and will not automatically add you to the update list unless you request it.

Note: All file sizes are approximate, download times may vary depending on connection speeds. Also note that all download updates are inclusive and contain all previous changes.

SEDCAD4 for Windows (Download now)
Build 2010.12.16
File Size: 7.11MB (
Corrects a fatal "subscript out of range" error when a previously created file is loaded and pond design is attempted initially. Variable initialization has been corrected.

Sentinel Protection Installer v7.6.1 (Download now)
File Size: 6.30MB

File History from this Website:

  • Build 2010.09.01 - This build allows hydrograph/sedimentgraph data to be saved to a comma-delimited text file. On every graph screen, a button called "Save to Text" is now displayed. Filename and location are user-specified.
  • Build 2010.04.09 - Corrected a non-fatal "Overflow" message that occurred in determining the Beta sediment routing coefficient. This problem did not affect the vast majority of users.
  • Build 2008.09.08 - Contains an additional spillway option, the "Enhanced Perforated Riser". This is a refinement of the original Perforated Riser routine, which allows for all sizes of holes (large and small). Note that when using the Enhanced PerfRiser, locate the orifice using the invert of the hole.
  • Build 2007.12.14 - Fixed potential problem with loading siphon tubes from an existing file.
  • Build 2007.06.01 - First build to be posted on the website.