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Model Overview
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SEDCAD uses classic, well-established methodologies for hydrologic and hydraulic analysis. The Curve Number method has been expanded to enable more accurate designs for disturbed and reclaimed lands and forested areas. Hydraulic routing techniques, all channel designs, culverts and energy dissipaters were designed using well-established and broadly accepted techniques. SEDCAD4 is uniquely capable of predicting the performance of sediment basins, sediment traps, silt fences, porous rock silt checks (check dams), and grass filters. Most of the sediment control procedures have been developed based on extensive applied research conducted at the University of Kentucky. Verification studies for sediment ponds, silt fences and check dams have been completed both under controlled laboratory and field conditions, encompassing measurement of inflow and effluent stormwater, sediment concentrations, and particle size distributions.

SEDCAD4 has been a key core software component in the U.S. Department of the Interior, Office of Surface Mining's Technical Innovation and Professional Services (TIPS) program since 1988.  It is used for permitting and design of control systems for abandoned mine lands.

The initial release of SEDCAD was in 1987, and the program is continually being upgraded by incorporating applied research from universities and government research facilities, feedback from users, and advances in operating systems, CAD software and computer capabilities.

Creating a complete model run requires these steps:

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