This is the Frequently Asked Questions page.  In addition, we will periodically be adding tips and workarounds.

How can I tell what version of SEDCAD4 I am currently running?

Open your SEDCAD4 program, and pull down the Help>>About SEDCAD4 screen.  Your Build Number and Serial Number will be shown there.  You can check the current Build Number by going to the Updates page.

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My version is not the same as the latest version on this web site.  How do I update my installation(s)?

Go to the Update page, Download the SEDCAD4 file and extract it to your computer.  Most users will want to overwrite the older "sedcad4.exe" file on the installation folder, typically c:/sedcad4/.  (You can save the file for future installations or just refer back to this web site.)

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I have a new computer that does not have a Parallel Port for the older style hardware lock I received years ago.  What can I do?

The lack of a parallel port is common on new computers, especially laptops, and adapters do not work. We do have a USB key that you can swap your "old" parallel key for. The cost is $85 per key plus $8 shipping and includes an updated CD. Your old parallel key(s) need to be returned to us. USB keys are by far the preferred style on new machines.

To order swapped key(s), please do one of the following:

1 (fastest turnaround):
Fax to (866) 865-3738
a. your Credit Card details (card number, name on card, expiration date, CVV security code (required), billing address)
b. a note stating that the parallel key(s) is(are) in the mail (and how many).
c. your SEDCAD4 Serial Number (on the CD sticker)
d. shipping address if it's different from the credit card billing address.

Or 2:
Send the parallel key(s) with a check for $85 each plus $8 shipping in the mail (also include $5.10 tax for each key shipping to Kentucky), including the SEDCAD4 Serial Number and shipping address to
    Civil Software Design, LLC
    PO Box706
    Ames, IA 50010

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I have lost my lock! It may or may not have been stolen. What can I do?

This is very unfortunate!  But when a lock is lost, misplaced, stolen, etc., the copyright on the software is considered the same as losing a book -- if you lost a book and still wanted/needed it, you would buy a new one. The lock is the only way to ensure that each license is authorized, and is equivalent to "a book".

Our policy regarding lost locks is that you will need to purchase an additional copy on your existing license. You will get the price break/credit for having previously purchased one or more copies on the license.  Since licenses cannot be split, all copies on a license will be under the single license. This means that if the lost lock is found, then you have the right to use all of the copies you have licensed.

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My hardware lock was damaged and no longer works.  What can I do?

Sometimes the Parallel style locks get damaged from power surges or environmental problems, or sometimes a lock might just have been in the "wrong place at the wrong time" and been destroyed.  As long as you have the malfunctioning lock or it's pieces and can return it, you can "swap" for a new key for $85 plus shipping.  See the instructions for swapping keys above.

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What can I do to avoid having to enter my Serial Number every time I run SEDCAD4?

SEDCAD4 uses the Windows registry to store values between runs. In order to maintain values between runs, you will need to create read/write privileges to users for the SEDCAD4 portion of the windows registry. Then the user(s) will not be asked for the serial number, company info, "recent" files and storm info, etc. each time. You will need to edit the SEDCAD4 portion (only) of the Windows Registry to allow read/write access:

1. run the Registry Editor (regedt32.exe -- found in WinNT\System32 subfolder)
Type Start>>Run...>>regedt32 in the "Open" window
2. access "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Civil Software Design" key
3. With the "Civil Software Design" parent key highlighted, click Permissions on the Security menu
4. change Type of Access to Full Control (for users) -- "this key and all subkeys"

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How many machines can I load SEDCAD4 on to?

SEDCAD4 is distributed with a USB hardware key for each copy you purchase.  The software can be loaded on any number of machines, and they are not site specific -- e.g. you can load a copy at work, home and/or on a laptop if you want.  The hardware key allows access to run the program, so the maximum number of copies you can run at any one time depends on the number of keys you have.

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I have downloaded the new version, but SEDCAD4 does not recognize the hardware lock.  What should I do?

Download and run the Sentinel Installer (from the Updates page).  Be sure to RESTART your computer after running this program.  If you continue to have problems, please contact us.

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My business partner and I are going our separate ways and we had purchased 2 copies on our license.  We are each going to work for other companies.  Can we each take one of the copies of SEDCAD4 with us?

Absolutely not.  Only one of you will be able to keep the license for all copies.

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Our company has been acquired by another, and we now have a new name.  How do we change the licensing information?

Simply write or email us with the old company information, new company information, and the SEDCAD4 Serial Number.

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